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Young Adult Books

Introduction of Group Members!

Elizabeth (aka Liz) (The Preppy)
Hi everyone, and thanks for following... We are so excited to be doing this, it was hard for us to decide what to do at first, but eventually we got to talking about the books that we read and we had many books in common that it seemed like a perfect idea. I started reading a few years back when I read L.J. Smith's, Night World series and now I'm just waiting for Strange Fate the last book in the series to come out next year and while I wait 'til next year I'll be reading more books and writing reviews.

Mark (The Idealist)
Hey, whats up? Well I am the only guy in this group. I liked to read books, but not exactly what the girls in my group like. I have read a few of the books they've read, but mostly I read stuff by Patrick Jones and Brian James. I'll be doing most of the reviews for books in a Male P.O.V., but everything will be consulted with the rest of my group so it won't only be a guys opinion or just a girls opinion. Thank you for following!

Vanessa (aka Nessie) (The Bookworm)
Hey everyone. It's funny because just a few years back when people first started reading the Twilight books I was not much of a reader, pretty much I disliked reading anything! The only things that I would read were things for school. Then I came upon Alyson Noel's first book in her Immortals Series, Evermore, and I was hooked! I started to read anything I could get my hands on and I wouldn't put a book down until I finished it. I take whatever book it is that I am reading everywhere I go, be that the mall, a store, a restaurant, a park, etc. It's been almost 2 years since I began reading like this and I haven't stopped and probably won't stop for a while! Thanks for the follow!

Tiffany (aka Fany) (The Drama Queen)
Hello everyone! I am totally excited to be doing this. I've been wanting to start a YA blog for so long and finally here's my chance. Yay! So, I have to say that my favorite author is... Richelle Mead. I loved the Vampire Academy Series and the Georgina Kincaid Series, even though that wasn't young adult! I will be the one monitoring all the emails and comments, so if you need to know anything just ask. Thank you for following.


  1. That's great you're starting a blog, Vanessa. I'm glad you caught the reading bug!


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How Our Reviews Work

For the reviews we will do four things... We will write  a summary and what we thought of the book then we will rate it with two scales...
One of those is a 5 star scale rating showing how much we liked the book (there are half numbers)...
The other one is a 10 star scale (no half numbers) where we show how likely it is that someone else will like the book, this will be discussed thoroughly and we will decide what each book deserves... and just so everyone knows, no book will receive a 10 because no book is perfect for everyone (A 9 will probably be rare as well)...
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For a class project we are supposed to be starting a blog and we decided to do one for Young Adult Books. It seemed to fit us all since we love to read books, especially YA books. We will each review different books on the Review Pages. If there are any specific books that you want a review for just post a comment or send us an email to We will be reviewing books in alphabetical order based on the Authors last names. Well I guess it is time for us to start with the reviews... Thank you for following and Happy Reading!

Elizabeth, Mark, Vanessa and Tiffany