Reviews (Fany)

Tuck Everlasting                                                                             --- Fany

The Princess and the Pauper                                                     --- Fany
Marked                                                                                                --- Fany
Matched                                                                                              --- Fany
Blue Bloods                                                                                        --- Fany

Elixir                                                                                                     --- Fany
If I Stay                                                                                                --- Fany
North of Beautiful                                                                           --- Fany
My Wicked Enemy (Not YA)                                --- Fany
The Iron King                                                                                    --- Fany
The Social Experiments of Dorie Dilts (Teen)            --- Fany
The Lust Boat (Not YA)                                                                --- Fany
5 / 5 STARS          8 / 10 STARS
          After Candace's fiance cancels the wedding, her friends decide to send her on the Lothario, a single's cruise. She meets Ryan who decides to be her escort on the trip, little does she know that he is actually an owner of the ship. Will she still want to be with him when she finds out who he truly is?
          Many times, when I read a book, I know just from the first chapter what to expect during the whole book. This book completely wowed me. Candace and Ryan's story was so captivating and astounding that I could not stop reading. Even Richard and Fallon's parts were worth reading, because they helped bring so much more into the book. I will definitely recommend this book to my friends because it is, ultimately, one of the best books I have ever read. Going from chapter to chapter I just didn't know what else to expect, but everything it gave was incredible. I will more than likely buy this book when it comes out because I believe it is worth reading again.
Ash                                                                                                         --- Fany
Wicked Lovely                                                                                 --- Fany
Uninvited                                                                                            --- Fany
Vampire Academy                                                                          --- Fany
Succubus Blue (Not YA)                                     --- Fany

Almost Alice                                                                                      --- Fany
The Lovely Bones                                                                           --- Fany
Go Ask Alice                                                                                      --- Fany
Cracked Up To Be                                                                           --- Fany

The Harlot (Not YA)                                                  --- Fany
5 / 5 STARS          8 / 10 STARS
          Jessie Taskill is imprisoned for witch craft, until one night Gregor Ramsay frees her and plans to use her to seduce and ruin his lifelong enemy. As they go through everything she must do Gregor starts falling for his lust for her and things begin to take a turn. Can things really end well when everything revolves around lusting?
          I have to say, this was really not what I expected when I first began to read this book. All in all it makes sense, because this is what people truly desire most in life. I believe that this book is excellently written and the details are
It Girl                                                                                                    --- Fany