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Reviews (Liz)

Meri Strikes Back (Hazing Meri Sugarman Book 2) --- Liz        
3.5 / 5 STARS          7 / 10 STARS
          None of us has read the first book in the series, so we will just write the review for this one.
          Cindy Bixby is a student at Rumson U. Her sorority Alpha Beta Delta has just gotten rid of their previous president Meri Sugarman because she was evil, but she's back and she has a plan to ruin Cindy.
          It wasn't the best book any of us has read, but it was good. It needed more in it and some of it just didn't seem to be needed or fit in. Overall we can say that it is an okay book but isn't worth reading again.

The Summoning (Darkest Powers Trilogy book 1)   --- Liz
4.5 / 5 STARS          8 / 10 STARS
          Chloe Saunders's life is turned upside down the day pubirty hits. It turns out she is a necromancer (she sees ghost). After a breakdown she has at school her aunt, Lauren, decides to send her to a group home. At Lyle House Chloe meets Simon, his unfriendly brother Derek, unpleasant Tori, and Rae. Each one of these teens has issues, but they aren't normal issues. As they begin to interact, they realize that Lyle House isn't what they think it is.
          This was an excellent book. It keeps you guessing up until the end where you are left with a total cliffhanger. It is definitely a book to pick up and read. It had suspense, thrills and everything that is needed in a book. I really liked this book and I wouldn't change anything in it.
Fairy Tale                                                                --- Liz
Kissed by an Angel                                                  --- Liz

Things Not Seen                                                      --- Liz

 Talent                                                                     --- Liz

Beastly                                                                     --- Liz

Death by Bikini                                                         --- Liz

13 Little Blue Envelopes                                           --- Liz

Tips on Having a Gay Ex-Boyfriend                          --- Liz

Ever                                                                         --- Liz

Swoon                                                                     --- Liz

Shadowed Summer                                                  --- Liz

Firespell                                                                   --- Liz

Birthmarked                                                              --- Liz

The Geography of Girlhood                                       --- Liz

Night World #1                                                         --- Liz

The Afterlife                                                              --- Liz

The Dating Game                                                       --- Liz

Immortal Beloved                                                      --- Liz

My Soul to Take                                                       --- Liz

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Young Adult Books

Introduction of Group Members!

Elizabeth (aka Liz) (The Preppy)
Hi everyone, and thanks for following... We are so excited to be doing this, it was hard for us to decide what to do at first, but eventually we got to talking about the books that we read and we had many books in common that it seemed like a perfect idea. I started reading a few years back when I read L.J. Smith's, Night World series and now I'm just waiting for Strange Fate the last book in the series to come out next year and while I wait 'til next year I'll be reading more books and writing reviews.

Mark (The Idealist)
Hey, whats up? Well I am the only guy in this group. I liked to read books, but not exactly what the girls in my group like. I have read a few of the books they've read, but mostly I read stuff by Patrick Jones and Brian James. I'll be doing most of the reviews for books in a Male P.O.V., but everything will be consulted with the rest of my group so it won't only be a guys opin…

How Our Reviews Work

For the reviews we will do four things... We will write  a summary and what we thought of the book then we will rate it with two scales...
One of those is a 5 star scale rating showing how much we liked the book (there are half numbers)...
The other one is a 10 star scale (no half numbers) where we show how likely it is that someone else will like the book, this will be discussed thoroughly and we will decide what each book deserves... and just so everyone knows, no book will receive a 10 because no book is perfect for everyone (A 9 will probably be rare as well)...
We have split up the books and once we finish with the one's we are currently reviewing, we will begin posting more reviews.

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Class Project

For a class project we are supposed to be starting a blog and we decided to do one for Young Adult Books. It seemed to fit us all since we love to read books, especially YA books. We will each review different books on the Review Pages. If there are any specific books that you want a review for just post a comment or send us an email to We will be reviewing books in alphabetical order based on the Authors last names. Well I guess it is time for us to start with the reviews... Thank you for following and Happy Reading!

Elizabeth, Mark, Vanessa and Tiffany